Airbus NEO vs CEO

Majority of the airlines worldwide, and in India currently have both; the NEO and the CEO as part of their fleet. The NEO ( New Engine Option) are different from the CEO in three broader categories:

  1. Engine : NEO are fitted with either P&W or CFM Leap engines. Since majority of fleet in India are fitted with the P&W engine, the comparison will be that of between P&W and CEO CFM engine.
  2. Wingtip Modification : All NEO’s have new and big wingtip called “Sharklets”. Though they are heavier than the traditional wingtip, they are more efficient. They provide better lift, lower fuel consumption, and reduce wingtip vortices.
  3. Cabin : The cabin on the NEO’s have been slightly modified to give one row of extra seats hence with all economy configuration the NEO’s have 186 seats, while the CEO’s have 180.

Basic overview / difference between CEO ( P&W ) vs NEO ( CFM 56) engine:

NEO ( Pratt and Whitney engine)CEO ( CFM56)
Bypass Ratio ( ratio of air that bypasses the core to that entering the core)12.5 :15.7 :1
Compressor 1 geared fan* , 3 stage LPC , 8 stage HPC1 Fan, 4 LPC, 9HPC
Turbine Axial flow : 2 stage HP, 3 stage LP1 HP, 4 LP
Length 3.401 m2.59 m
Fan diameter81 inches68.3 inches
Weight3382 kg2500 kg
At 100% RPMHP 22000HP 14400
Fan Blade2036

The NEO’s are about 15-18% more efficient than the current engine option, The efficiency comes from the design ( sharklets), but majority of it comes from the new geared turbofan engine. More about geared turbofan engine of a different post.