WPC ( Wireless Planning & Co-Ordination)

Created in 1952 , The wireless Planing & coordination wing of ministry of communication  is the national Radio Regulatory Authority responsible for frequency Spectrum Management , Including Licensing. Divided in major sections: Licensing and Regulations ( LR) New Technology Group (NTG) Standing Advisory Committee on Radio Frequency Allocation (SACFA) COP cell in WPC issues RTR …

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International Telecomunication Union

In begining there were two organizations, i.e. International Telegraph Union of 1865 and INternational Radio Telgraph Covention of 1906.

In 1932 Madrid Conference Both were combined to form ITU ( International Telcommunication Union). It cam einto effect in 1934.

About ICAO

ICAO or International Civil Aviation Organization came in Existense after the Chicago Convention of 1944, also know as Convention on International Civil Aviation. Composed of: The Assembly ,The Council ,The Secretariat . Headquarters of ICAO is

RT in Instrument Approach

1. Leaving DPN for ILS App runway 09. 2. Crossing outer marker outbound. 3. Commencing procedure turn left. 4. Procedure turn completed. 5. Established on ILS. 6. Crossing outer marker inbound, request landing Clearance .

Time check for RTR(A)

Time check is always done in UTC time. 1. 09:00:00 = zero nine zero zero or    on the hour 2. 09:00:29 = zero nine zero zero or on the hour 3. 09:00:30 = zero nine zero zero and half 4 09:00:31 = zero nine zero one

Format For Position Report

Position Report (Position, Joining & Crossing route) :- Station called, Station calling, Position (psn), Time, Flight Level (FL), Estimate of reporting point (time), Next reporting point (time is not necessary). Example (position) :- You are at Pratapgarh pass Position report. VT-SANDY, VIDP to VABB, Route-A 474, FL-280, Time 1100 IMC RT:- Ahmadabad Control (Because A/C …

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