In beginning there were two organizations, i.e. International Telegraph Union of 1865 and International Radio Telegraph Convention of 1906.

In 1932 Madrid Conference Both were combined to form  ITU ( International Telecommunication Union). It came into effect in 1934. In 1947 it became a United Nations Specialized agency with headquarter at Geneva Switzerland. It Has 191 Member States.

It works in Three Sectors

1  Radio

2. Telecommunication

3 Development

Its activities include maintaining order in allocation of radio frequencies setting standard on technical matters and assisting countries in developing their own telecommunication.

RR ( Radio Regulation )

The first International Radio telegraph convention held in 1906 in Berlin signed the first Radiotelegraphy Convention and annex to this convention contained the first governing wireless telegraphy. These regulations are know as Radio Regulations or RR..


The international standards that are produced by ITU are refereed to as Recommendations. standards Promulgated by ITU carry a high degree of formal International Recolonization.


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