Category , DECISION HEIGHT ( DH) ,RVR CAT I,60 Meters,Visibility not less than 800 m RVR not less than 550 m CAT II,60 to 30 Meters,350 m CAT IIIA,30 Meter or Less,Not less than 200m CAT IIIB,15 Meter or Less,RVR between 200m to 50m CAT IIIC,0,No RVR Limitation Blind Landing CATIIIC approach is a zero-zero approach

Marker Beacon

  A marker beacon is a particular type of VHF radio beacon used in aviation, usually in conjunction with an instrument landing system (ILS), to give pilots a means to determine position along an established route to a destination such as a runway. There are three types of marker beacons that may be installed as part of their most common application, an Instrument Landing System: …

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ILS Minimums

1. The lowest authorized ILS minimums, with all required ground and airborne systems components operative, are: (a) Category I. Decision Height (DH) 200 feet and Runway Visual Range (RVR) 2,400 feet (with touchdown zone and centerline lighting, RVR 1,800 feet), or (with Autopilot or FD or HUD, RVR 1,800 feet); (b) Special Authorization Category I. DH 150 feet and Runway Visual Range …

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